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  • Travel Changes Lives!

    By Anna Szesnat '22
    Anna Szesnat and 27 other students traveled to Rome, Florence, and Venice, April 15-22, 2022, accompanied by chaperones from Holy Names. Anna is a member of  Holy Names’ Youth Ministry and Liturgical Choir, and will attend Trinity College in the fall of 2023
    My classmates from the Academy of the Holy Names and I are grateful to Bishop Scharfenberger who arranged tickets for us to attend the Papal Easter mass. As we woke up bright and early on Easter Sunday, I had no idea what to expect. Would it feel any different than any other mass that I have attended? Would I understand what was going on? These questions swirled through my head as we were walking to our seats in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica.
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  • Life, Leadership, and Pursuing Your Passion: Catching Up with Teressa Foglia, Class of 2006

    Teressa Foglia graduated from Academy of the Holy Names in 2006. Teressa has a degree in Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Justice Studies, and began her career as a digital consultant, working as a curator and strategist.
    After a few years, Teressa decided to make some life changes, accidentally becoming a hat designer and maker. She brought her passion project to life by building a community invested in sustainability, art, and supporting other female founders, and is now CEO of Teressa Foglia.
    Click HERE to read the full interview with Teressa; learn more about her career, the lessons she’s learned along the way, and how her time at Holy Names has helped her along her journey.
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  • School Receives Recognition for AP Computer Science Course

    Academy of the Holy Names has received recognition from the College Board for expanding young women's access to computer science education and career development by offering the AP Computer Science Principles course (CSP). The high school's CSP course is a full-year course culminating in an exam and an in-class project that is submitted to the College Board for evaluation. The course covers how computers work, how computers can be used to solve real-world problems and the impacts of this technology on our lives. Fifteen students, juniors and seniors, were enrolled in the 2019-2020 course, and it is being offered again for the 2021-2022 academic year.
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  • Science Research is Happening in the High School

    The Science Research in High School Program at Holy Names is a unique opportunity for students to experience the rigor and rewards of real scientific research while still in high school. The three-year sequence of courses is designed to provide students with an understanding of research methods in the sciences. Students choose a topic of interest and construct an original experiment using a mentor of their choice to assist with their research. Mentors can be working scientists from the private or public sector, or college professors from local colleges and universities.  As each year of the program is successfully completed, students earn one elective credit toward graduation. Up to twelve (12) College credits may also be earned from the State University at Albany.
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  • Madison Mackey

    Creating a Better Life for Girls

    Junior Madison Mackey presented her Gold Service Award project, “‘Better Life Better Future,” to the school community via a Zoom presentation. The Gold Award is the highest award granted by Girl Scouts. The award proves that the student is committed to making a difference in the world. It’s a distinction that can open doors to college opportunities and beyond.
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  • Recent Grad in the Right Place!

    Judaea Whittingham, a graduate of the Class of 2020, is now a freshman at Bentley University, a highly regarded, competitive school that focuses on business. Judaea reached out to her AHN College Counselor, Mrs. Spiro,  sharing the link below. She also included a note that said, "thank you for your guidance in helping me to get where I am now."  Thank you, Judaea, we are proud of you!

    Click here to read a story about Judaea.
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  • Senior Has a Story to Tell

    Senior Morgan Taylor loves Holy Names' College Counseling program. Watch her video to learn why.
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  • College Counseling Like No Other

    College Counseling is a hallmark program at Holy Names. It is a comprehensive, curriculum-driven program that commences in grade 9  with special guidance classes and one-on-one counseling and culminates in senior year with hands-on assistance with college applications and scholarships. 
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