Academics at AHN = Education for Girls

Here is a simple fact proved by research: Girls who attend single-sex schools have higher SAT scores than girls at coed schools. Now, consider this additional fact, also supported by research: Girls at all girls schools spend more time studying, talking with teachers outside the classroom, studying with others, and tutoring classmates.

At Academy of the Holy Names we believe this research shows what happens when a girl is encouraged to feel comfortable about who she is, and when she feels supported by her teachers and classmates.
We know that’s why our students succeed.
We encourage them to participate, to express their ideas, and to take charge of their own lives. We challenge them to achieve. Why does research show that girls at all girls schools are more likely to pursue a career in engineering?
Because they are inspired to explore and break the molds. Because they are following in the footsteps of all the other girls who have blazed the trail before them.