Middle School

Sometimes Middle School is hard, but there is so much help here. Our teachers always make time for us, and we can go to the Learning Workshop or the Math Lab, too. You can also talk to your adviser or the school counselor. Everybody here wants us to do well, and they’re always preparing us for the next step.

-Veronica, Middle School Student

Middle School Matters!

Middle School is such an important time in a young girl’s life. There are so many changes. She’s learning so much about herself and the world around her.
At Holy Names we take full advantage of this moment. In our Middle School girls take center stage. They are always the participants and never the bystanders. Our small classes make it possible for each student to engage and explore. Our teachers encourage questions and invite discussion. Students get involved in the learning experience and because we educate only girls, they feel especially free to be themselves and share their thoughts and feelings.

In this Middle School, we talk about faith, respect, love, and service to others. In other words, we don’t just teach, we guide and nurture. We recognize that our students are individuals and so we treat them that way. We want them to develop a love of learning, to carry with them for a lifetime.

Here’s what makes our Middle School stand out:

  • Our single-sex, grades 6-8 environment provides girls a curriculum tailored to their needs and activities, designed with adolescent girls in mind. We provide opportunities for each girl to develop her own self-concept and to be recognized as an individual.
  •  Students are offered exceptional support for all academics, with both Math and Learning Labs fully staffed, every day.
  • Preparation! Middle School focuses on preparing students for the next step by teaching study skills and strategies for success in higher level academics.
  • Our Middle School staff includes a full-time counselor, an expert in issues that are important in the lives of adolescent girls. Her job is your daughter’s development and positive school experience every day.
  • Our one-on-one adviser program is unparalleled in the area. Faculty serve as advisers to students to ensure that each girl has an advocate and each family has a go-to contact.
  • Our Middle School students can take high school courses, including science, math, language, art and music.
  • Middle School students can participate in high school activities such as service projects and publications.
  • Our Middle School is a values-centered school that focuses on the full development of its students. We incorporate service, social justice and the arts throughout the curriculum.

Come see for yourself!

The best way to experience our Middle School is to visit!  We invite you to spend a day on campus, attending classes, meeting students and talking to our teachers. To schedule a visit day, please call our Admissions Director, Ann Rento at 518-438-7895 ext. 202 or email her at

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