Equipped to Succeed

Information-gathering is a vital element of a solid academic program. To succeed at all levels of education and in the world at-large, students need to:

  • Identify and differentiate the diversity of information resources
  • Know how to access information from a variety of sources
  • Learn how to evaluate credible sources
  • Adapt to and become proficient in current and emerging technologies 
At Holy Names, students have the resources and professional instruction to meet these challenges. We offer:
  • School assigned laptops for each student
  • iPad carts
  • Computer labs
  • Classrooms equipped with SMART Board technology and other interactive technologies
  • Professionally-staffed library with computers to assist with research and technology
  • A 3D printer
  • Classes in research and computer skills
  • Assignments across the curriculum that require these skills

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Melissa Bruno

    Melissa Bruno 

    Library Media Specialist
    518.438.7895 x216
  • Photo of Sherry  Flansburg

    Sherry  Flansburg 

    Educational Technology Coordinator/Teacher

Library Media Center

Our School Library Media Center provides both group and one-on-one instruction to all students in the areas of library, research, and related computer skills. It provides online access to other school libraries and subscribes to various online research databases. (And our staff is ready to instruct students in their use.)
The library collection includes:
  • Reference, non-fiction and biographical books
  • Periodicals
  • An up-to- date fiction section for students’ pleasure reading.
With numerous computers available for student use, the library media center is open throughout the school day as a place where students can go for quiet study and research.