Where Are Alumnae?

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Find out where our newest alumnae are headed to! Check out the list of Colleges and Universities the AHN Class of 2021 is attending in the Fall of 2021, and please reach out and welcome them if they're going to be in your area! 
  1. Cora Allen                                   University of New England
  2. Grace Bartow                             NC State University
  3. Megan Bell                                  University of Rochester
  4. Katie Bennett                             American University      
  5. Allie Brown                                 Sacred Heart University
  6. Emmalee Davis                          Dickinson College
  7. Marissa DeMartino                  Providence College
  8. Samantha Eckert                       Bentley University
  9. Marie Essex                                SUNY Binghamton
  10. Lily Evers                                     Siena College
  11. Ciara Farley                                St. Bonaventure University
  12. Mia Farley                                  Salve Regina University
  13. Rachel Gallucci                          Boston University
  14. Ciara Gaudio                              Salve Regina University
  15. Samantha Germano                 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  16. Grace Giombetti                       Villanova University
  17. Nikita Granich                           College of the Holy Cross
  18. Dayajah Hamlin                        Culinary Institute of America
  19. Libby Harris                               Trinity College
  20. Maggie Hayes                            Boston College
  21. Gabby Insero                             Marist College
  22. Kayla Jones                                Paul Smith’s College
  23. Lauren Ladopoulos                  University of Rhode Island
  24. Veronica Lewis                          Cornell University
  25. Kristin Litchfield                       Union College
  26. Sharlene Marquez                   Stony Brook University
  27. Lily McAuliffe                           LeMoyne College
  28. Gabriela McSwieney              Clarkson University
  29. Emmy Namorato                      University of Mississippi
  30. Christina Oberting                   Colgate University
  31. Alexis Papaleo                           New York University
  32. Sophia Pasinella                        Marist College
  33. Cassandra Paul                          Rochester Institute of Technology
  34. Samantha Paul                          Northeastern University
  35. Giorgia Penesso                       Thomas Jefferson
  36. Rachel Pienkosz                        University of Tampa
  37. Michelle Rahal                           Brandeis University
  38. Megan Rai                                   Hamilton College
  39. Alejandra Rinaldi                      Clemson University
  40. Athena Rodrigues                    George Washington
  41. Zainab Ropri                               Union College
  42. Ramza Ryan                                Case Western Reserve
  43. Sharill Sadiq                                University of Albany
  44. Karishma Singh                         College of St. Rose
  45. Anna Smith                                 Cork School of Music
  46. Ava Smith                                    Hudson Valley Community College
  47. Maddie Stallmer                       UMass Boston
  48. Molly Sweeter                          Utica College
  49. Alyssa Snyder                            Siena College
  50. Morgan Taylor                           Villanova University
  51. Andrea Thomas                        Siena College
  52. Shannon Turley                         Roger Williams

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Breakdown by decade on total number of alumnae: 

‘20’s =  1
’30’s = 24
‘40’s = 194
’50’s = 316
‘60’s = 795
’70’s = 675
‘80’s = 534
’90’s = 456
2000’s = 616
2010's = 306
   Total = 3,917
Alumnae By The Numbers

Alumnae with contact information: 3,917
Lost Alumnae:858
Deceased Alumnae:1,428
Total Alumnae:6,203