This page will answer the questions asked by parents, faculty and staff regarding the the school's reopening plans. Check back often as we will update this page as questions arise.

Student Experience

Q. Will students have PE Fall semester? If so, will it be taught indoors or outdoors? What measures will be taken to keep the girls safe in the locker room and when participating in PE activities? If our daughter exercises regularly outside of school and we're not comfortable with the plan for PE during COVID, can we waive PE and give her an extra study hall? 
A. There will be PE in the fall semester. PE will be outside weather permitting. Students will not be in the locker rooms. There will be a PE uniform (AHN shirt and sweats/leggings) Student will come to school in PE uniform on their PE days and will remain the PE uniform the rest of the day.

 Q. Is there any staggering of drop off and pick up or will all students arrive at 8 am and leave at 3 pm? If the latter, will there be any instruction for the students to socially distant when leaving the building? For example, summer camps have staggered to ensure only one person entering at a time.
A. We have had difficulty getting information from the school district transportation departments as to what their drop-off and pick-up schedule will be. We are not anticipating a staggered beginning to the school day.
We will be training students on social distancing requirements during their orientation days.

Q. Will there be specials (art, gym, etc.)? 
A. Yes, there will be art and gym and music classes.

Q.  If a student chooses to stay at home and do remote learning, will that be their choice for the whole year?
A. If a student chooses the remote learning option, that will be her choice for the quarter.

Q. Will there be an option for a few days in and a few days out?
A. No.

Q. What happens with lockers, being so close together?
A. Students will not have lockers this school year.
Q. What happens if my daughter has a head cold but can do school work? If she is at home, their may be items needed in her locker to participate in class.
A. Students who are home ill but capable of doing work may attend their classes remotely via zoom. Materials should be at home because students will not have lockers and items may not be left in classrooms.
Q. Will AP classes have an extra period added since the classes are shorter?
A. AP classes will not have an extra period in the daily schedule. However, and in light of what happened last March, the College Board/AP Central have set up wonderful on-line resources that AP students can access anytime. These resources include AP classroom, AP Daily and AP Live Review (Questions). AP teachers will have access to “Student Dashboard” - where they can view student progress.

Q. Can a hybrid plan consist of part in-school and at home for those of us who worry?
A. No. The model for Holy Names is five days of instruction either in school or at home for all five days.

 Q. How are hands on classes such as pottery or the sculpture and design class be modified for students learning at home?
A. Mrs. Sela, the art teacher, has purchased air-tight containers and air drying clay for the students in pottery to store their clay. She will also provide bags for the students to store their tools. There will not be any sharing of items.
The 3-D sculpture class will not be offered first semester this year. It will only be offered second semester.

Q. Will the junior class be able to order class rings this year and will there be events like the ring ceremony?
A. The Ring Ceremony will be celebrated second semester. Josten’s, our ring provider, is preparing a video to assist with the selection of the ring. We will also mail ring sizers to the parents of the juniors to assist with sizing.
Q. My reticence on reopening, in general, is based on many higher learning institutions opting to go with on line instruction to start the semester. Additionally, despite low rates of infection, and favorable statistics in UNY, why not do our part to continue to protect our progress?
A. With the low infection rate in New York state, with the recommendations from the Governor and the NYS Departments of Health and Education to reopen, and with the recommendations from the American Pediatric Association that young people need human interaction for their social and emotional health, AHN has made the decision to reopen and to give families the option of in-person or remote instruction.

Q. It’s unreasonable to expect us to make a decision for the entire semester when we don’t know what the future holds. We understand you need to plan but will there be exceptions to this part of the plan? Our intention is to send her back but if the new rules and regulations are impeding or interfering with her work in school then we will pull her out to do remote work.
A. We will address all requests to change from in-person to remote learning or from remote to in-person learning on an individual basis.
Q. How do you plan to engage students with both remote and in person classrooms at the same time? How will test and quizzes be monitored for cheating with remote learners? How will curriculum be adjusted?
A. We are installing cameras in each classroom that will allow remote learners to be fully engaged in all aspects of the classroom. The camera provides a panoramic view for those students who zoom into class thus allowing them to see all that the teacher is doing just as if they were physically present in the class. Faculty also have access to document readers that will enable them to work with remote students on a one-to-one basis.

Faculty have developed (and continue to develop) on-line assessments, set-up breakout rooms and have students submit their work individually through the portal. Shortly after we moved to remote instruction, we asked each member of the faculty to identify critical content to be covered before the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. The critical content became the dedicated focus of each teacher.

Each department was asked to meet to assess course content and to ascertain what, if any, content would have to be carried over to the next school year. Every department reported that all critical content had been covered
Q.  I'm unclear what the preferred plan for September is though. Also, what happens if a majority choose at-home learning?
A. The plan for September is a hybrid model, allowing students to choose in-person or remote instruction. Instruction will take place five days a week. Classes will be live-streamed to those at home.
Q.  When in class, where will students be during the 10 minute breaks in between classes? In the hallways? Will there be staff present, supervising social distancing?
A. Students will be supervised in the hallways to ensure that social distancing and the wearing of masks are maintained. During the ten minutes students may use the restroom. At the end of class students will wipe down their desks.

Q.  Will classes be omitted to reduce screen time?
A. We are not planning on that at this time. If we have to pivot to remote instruction again for everyone, we will consider ways to reduce screen time.

Q. Will the National Honors society inductees be "inducted" in the fall?
A. Currently National Honor Society Induction is scheduled for first semester.

Q. I will drive my daughter to school every day if we choose the in-school option, if there is some reason that I cannot drive her in or pick her up (work trip), can she do distance learning that day?
A. Yes, for that day and with clear communication to the school office.
Q. Is there a scenario where limits will be placed on class size limiting in-person attendance (where people will be selected to not attend/limited?) Will classes need to be spread over multiple spaces? Will there be instructors covering this spread or only supervision in those areas? Are cohorts/small groups assigned or are the students choosing? Are teachers provided enough support/resources for enforcing requirements?
A. So far, we have not seen a need to limit in-person attendance or to spread classes over several classrooms.
Cohorts will be assigned by the school.
We will be providing teachers with the support and resources that they need to enforce requirements.

20. Perhaps I missed it, but if we make a selection to go in each day, is that their decision for the marking period or can it change day to day.
A. The decision is made for the quarter.

Q. Is the in person learning 5 days a week for students?
A. Yes

Q. Will AHN offer parents tuition discounts if we move back to at home learning? Parents are having to assist with learning in this scenario and the student is not receiving the same benefit as in person learning.
A. We will consider this question as the situation develops.
Q. Will photography be offered in fall? What are the service requirements?
A. Photography will not be offered this fall. Service requirements are currently being updated.

Logistics and Operations

Q. How will the North Country bus operate?
A. The North Country bus is operated by CBA. CBA is creating a plan to accommodate Holy Names students.
Q. When will we know if public schools will transport students?
A. You should call your public school transportation department to ask. We will provide you information when it is available to us.
Q. What are the cleaning protocols for the brief cleaning in between class periods as well as other cleaning of common areas, cafeteria and restrooms throughout the day? Is a deep cleaning being done every night?
A. A deep cleaning of the school will be done each night. The cleaning service will be available throughout the day to address regular cleaning of the common areas and restroom and to clean the Student Commons and the Auditorium between the three lunch periods. After each class, students will be expected to clean the surfaces of their desks.

Health, Safety, Wellness

Q. It's not clear to me from reading the paragraph about wearing masks whether girls will be required to wear them in the hallways that aren't close to the entrance/exit? For example, locker hallways.
A. Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings at all time except during lunch.

Q. Please provide additional information about the self-screening software/tool referenced.
A. The self-screening app will be emailed to parents on a daily basis. Once the parent has completed the questions and based on responses a student will be cleared to attend, or given the message to stay at home. Once the parent has responded to the screening questions their daughter will be sent a QR code (smart phone/scan badge) that she will swipe before entering school. If a parent has not completed the scanning questions, their daughter will not receive a code and will be stopped at the front door and held until parent completes the screening questions.

Q. My daughter usually gets asthma related coughing in the fall...would she need to stay home?
A. We are seeking further direction on this and seasonal allergies in general.
Q. How do health officials intend for schools to plan and protect for asymptomatic infection risk/spread?
A. The health and hygiene protocols that will be in place for PPE, social distancing, and cleaning and sanitization should mitigate the risk and spread.

Q. Is testing being provided by school or county in the event of suspected school exposure? In all cases, would the family be required to secure and pay for testing?
A. The school will not be providing testing. Families would secure and pay for testing should the need arise.

Q. Is there a questionnaire that students/staff are required to complete regarding recent travel/COVID exposures?
A. These questions (travel/COVID exposure) are two of the screening questions that parents are required to answer every day before their daughter(s) can attend school.

Q. For self-administering of medication authorized by a physicians' order, will students still have to visit the Nurse's office to take medications - or can it be carried and self-administered to reduce exposures?
A. The policy for self-administration of medication is still in effect.

Q. Is there a school-specific infection rate (not just regional) which can determine AHN closure?
A. No, we will make any closure decisions in consultation with the Department of Health with consideration of what is best for our students and staff.