Light is said to signify the hope and good in the world. Help us illuminate our Bell Tower this holiday season by giving back to Holy Names. Each light upon the Bell Tower will signify a $10 gift made in memory of and/or in honor of a special family member or friend.

Each light you sponsor helps build our Annual Fund, the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts. Through the power of collective giving, your gift helps light the way!

The names of those you wish to remember and/or honor will be listed on our website during the holiday season. Your participation will help make the holiday season brighter for everyone!

Donate to make the holiday season brighter!

Bell Tower Lights:
Nicole Battaglia ‘12
In memory of
Gerrie Nolan
Philip Battaglia
Joyce Dushane ‘65 Bartlett
In Memory Of
Lorraine and Bill Dushane
Marianne McGuirk Bechet
In Memory of
Anne T. McGuirk
Paul R. Bechet
In Honor of
Mary Anne Vigliante,
Margaret McGuirk Dangerfield
Patricia McGuirk
Alicia Marini ‘02 Bloom
In Memory of
My grandparents John and Celia Musto
My grandparents Corrado and Cristina Marini
The Bonanni Family
In Memory of
Renato and Antonietta Bonanni
Mr. Sebastien Douzal
Veronica M. Breslin
In Memory of
Veronica & John Van Aken
Patrick Breslin
Sara D. Breen
Debbie Cianfirani
Susan Despart ‘89 Brown
In Honor of
Nora Patricia Brown
Thomas Patrick Brown
Anita Bunzey  
In Memory of
 Linda Bunzey  
Ellen O'Connell ‘59 Corcoran  
In memory and in honor of
Classmates, class of 1959  
Colleen Carey '24
In Memory of
Governor Hugh L. Carey
Helen Owen Carey
Joseph and Jeannette Coniglio
Patsy Caulfield ‘82 Carl
In Memory of
All AHN Alumnae
Sister Connie
Susan Tripoli ‘79 Casagranda
In Honor of
Judith A. Burmaster Tripoli
Dr. Anthony P. Tripoli
Pio Casagranda
Sandra Chizzolin '80
In Memory of
Carlo Chizzolin
Mary Ellen Conboy
In Memory of
Sister Connie
My brother, John
My Mom and Dad
Mr. and Mrs. Jack V. Consiglio 
In memory of
Helen Lawless Griffin  
Ri Siciliano ’58 Cratty
In memory of
Peter J. & Mary Lynch ‘34 Siciliano
Dave Cratty
Logan Siciliano
Jillian Diaz '02 Cringle
In Memory of
Susana Burgos 
Francisco De Jesus
The Cristalli Family
In Memory of
Philip H. Sullivan.
Ana Culver ‘03
In honor of
Ms. Vigliante - thank you for all of your years at AHN!
Paul Cummins  
In memory of
Thomas and Gloria Hable  
MaryGrace Dansereau
In Memory of
My husband, Raymond N. Dansereau
My parents, Mary Anne and Salvatore Ciarmiello
Wendy Diefendorf
In Memory of
Grandma Crandall
Janet Doolin ‘71
In Memory of
Mary Alice VanDerhyden ‘71 Tabakian
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dyer
In Honor of
Margaret Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Edwards 
In Memory of
Rosemary Cummins Edwards ‘56  
Lorraine Iavenditti ‘81 Emerick
In Memory of
Jayne Scarano
Sue Geel
In Honor of
Bryan Geel, Jr.
Gloria Oleynek
Marilyn French ‘85 Johnston
In Honor of
My parents, Gordon and Joyce French
Kristen B. Healy ‘91
In Memory of
Thomas B. Healy
Yvonne Hennessey
In Memory of
Ellen Reinhert
Elizabeth Ettell
Stephanie Hisgen '93
In Memory of
Joseph and Diane McCabe
Marie Hisgen
Sophie Lis

In Honor of
The Class of 1993
Kathleen Kearney
In Memory of
Mary A. Banahan '33 Lauterborn
Jeanne K. Banahan '36 McCoy
Jenifer Kish
In Honor of
Carlo Cherubino
Mary Anne Vigliante
Regina Scarano’70 LaGatta
In Memory of
Jayne Scarano
Lawrence Scarano
Dwight Smith & Family
In Honor of
 The Ramsammy Family
The AHN Board of Trustees
Mr. and Mrs. Yates Lansing
In Honor of
Mackenna Lansing ‘20
Shirley W. Leahy '61
In Memory of
William P. Leahy
William C. Leahy
Dr. Shannon Libbey ‘96 Lenet
In Honor of
Kathleen Libbey
Whitney Libbey
Theresa Leonard
In Memory of
James Leonard
Josephine Femia
Joseph Femia
Angelo Femia
Deborah Brennan’72 Mahan  
In Memory of
Deceased members of the class of 1972
 Kathleen Abele Lill
Donna Brennan Correll
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Patricia Doran Villa
Mary E. "Mamie" Nazarko
 Judith Ferrara Wesley
 Erin O'Brien
Nancy Ognan Snay
 Lynn Shields McNamara
Paula Mantica  
Tara Maloney '95
In Memory of
My Dad, Jeff Maloney
Mary Martin
In Memory of
Jack and Betty Martin
Norma Martino
In Honor of
Dr. Michael Burley
Erica Masilotti
In Memory of
Alfredo Tricomi
Andrea Masterson
In Honor of
Lois Griffith
Eleanora Sepor
Terilyn Mazza ‘70
In Memory of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J McGovern
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mazza
Mr. Albert Mazza

Meghan McAlary ‘18
In Memory of
James McAlary Sr.
James McAlary Jr.
Joseph McCoy
In Honor of
Eugenia McCoy Banahan
Mary Banahan'33 Lauterborn
Lori McCoy
In Memory of
James J McCoy
Jean H Ladouceur
Janette Meppen 
In Memory of
Katherine Karkoski  
Donna Anthony ‘66 Mooney
In Honor of
Donald and Norma Anthony
Phyllis Morrison
In Memory of
Leo Morrison
Michael Morrison
George Crotty
Evelyn Crotty
Michael Crotty
Kevin Crotty
Leona Morrison
Kathy Crotty
Katie Murphy
In Honor of
Herbert Thomas
Maureen Rowan ’77 Murphy
In memory of
Maureen George Kelly ‘78
Rick Murphy
In Honor of
Carol Johnson ‘53
Michele Musto
In Honor of
Alexis Musto
Kristin Musto Linsley
Class of 1999
Class of 2001
Vincent Musto
Rose and Victor Imperiale
Lauren O’Neill‘73 Nantista
In Memory of
Lynne O’Neill, AHN Class of 1960
The Noll Family
In Memory of
William J. McLoughlin
Beverly B. Noll
Ellen Welch’54 O’Bryan
In Memory of
Constance Coniglio Azzi
Mary Claire Witbeck ‘86 Osegueda
Cynthia Haselsteiner ‘78 Pettit
In Memory of
Kathy Rosch
Lois Haselsteiner
In Honor of
Cindy Pettit
Taylor McGrath
Olivia McGrath.
Judith Devane ‘61 Pinto
In memory of
Ralph Pinto
Ruth and Francis Devane
Meg Britt ‘59
Sandra Articola '61 Preston
In Memory of
George M. Preston
Heather M. Shepherd '99
Margie Dyer‘59 Reilly
In Memory of
Sister Connie Casey
Patrick Reuss
In Memory of
Elizabeth Reuss, AHN Class of 1926
Kathy Hannafin
In Honor of
Madeleine Reuss
Alexandra Reuss
Morgan Hannafin
Claire Hannafin
Nora Loughney’05 Ritinski
In Honor of
Ellen and Bob Loughney
In Memory of
Michael Loughney
Carol Mitchell
Athena Rodrigues ‘21
In Honor of
Monsieur Douzal and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Rodrigues
In Memory of
Deceased members of the Rodrigues Family
Dan Flaherty
R. Virginia Rogers ‘61
In Memory of
Leo and Carol Rogers
Sr. Carol Ryan
Sr. Francis Cleary
B. Paul Beaudoin
Sr. Toni Murphy
Kay McGrath ’55 Rogler
In Memory of
Parents, James E. and Dorothy B. McGrath
Brother, James E. McGrath, Jr. - CBA '48
Best Friends Since 7th grade at "628": Margo McNeill Ex'55 Locaputo, Nancy Maher '55 Nigro, and Patricia Igoe '55 Hannan
Thomas Schmitz
In Memory of
Diane O’Keefe
In Honor of
David Schmitz
Karin Articola’65 Shepherd
In Memory of
Heather Megan Shepherd, AHN Class of ‘99
George M. Preston
Kathleen Cummings ‘67 Slezak 
Mary Cummings  
Lyn Stapf  
In memory of
Pam Clancy
Rosemary Edwards
Sister Virginia Dunn
Sister Constance Casey
Sister Margaret Talbot  
Jessica Mulson ‘01 Snow
In Memory of
Kristen Polizzotto
Constance Worthington
Kathleen Rubach
Kristen Smith’91 Staikos
In Memory of
Arthur Smith
Kevin Smith
Margaret Smith
Paul Gach
Nettie Gach
Barbara Quay
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Szesnat 
In Honor of
Nick Criscione,
Matt Criscione
Anita Criscione
Ethel Szesnat
Ed Szesnat, Jr.
Margaret Taranto
In loving memory of
My mother Marilyn Hannah
Gina Tronco
In Memory of
Dr. Arthur Wallingford
Mary Ellen Connors’66 Trumbull
In Memory of
Frances Hooley Connors '34
Helen E. Connors '65
Gail Quackenbush Harris '66
Eileen Clune, SNJM '34
Deceased members of the Class of 1966, Marylrose and Holy Names
Leah VanDeloo 1997
In memory of
Sister Marion Jude
Catherine With ‘81
In Honor of
The Students of Academy of the Holy Names
Julie Zemanick
In Honor of
Carol Johnson '53
Austin Gray
Sean Murphy