Christmas Lights at The Bell Tower

Academy of the Holy Names Bell Tower
is illuminated on campus from
Sunday, December 8 through Monday, January 6.
Each light upon the Bell Tower signifies a gift of $10 or more
in memory of or in honor of a loved one or friend. 

Those remembered and honored are listed here on our website,
will be displayed in our school lobby, and will be recognized
in the Annual Donor Report.  

Your participation helps make the holiday season
brighter for everyone!

In Memory and In Honor of: 
Stacey Apfelbaum
In Memory of Edward J. Gannen and Stephanie S. Gannen
In Honor of Susan C. Gannen
Barbara Lynch ’67 Bancroft
In Memory of Sister Barbara Mary, SNJM and the Koonz Family
In Honor of the Lynch Family
Marcia Murphy ’66 Bassotti
In Memory of my sister, Janice Murphy ’58 Farrell
Nicole Battaglia ’12
In Memory of Geraldine Nolan
Marianne McGuirk ’60 Bechet  
In Memory of Anne Nolan McGuirk and Agnes Nolan Forrest
Alicia Marini Bloom
In Memory of my grandparents, Celia and John Musto, and
Cristina and Corrado Marini
Drs. Perry and Julie Bonanni
In Memory of Renato and Antonietta Bonanni
Veronica Van Aken ’56 Breslin
In Memory of Veronica and John Van Aken, and Patrick Breslin
Kathy Callanan and Family
In Memory of John Callanan and Anthony M. Salerno, Sr.
Colleen Carey ’24
In Memory of Joseph and Jeanette Coniglio, and
Governor Hugh and Mrs. Helen Carey
Kathleen Judge ’70 Carlton
In Memory of Kathleen Adair ’70 Collis

Vera Cassaro 
In Memory of Anthony and John Cassaro 
In Honor of Silvana Cassaro 
Sandra Chizzolin ’80
In Memory of Carlo Chizzolin
Mary Ellen Scally ’61 Conboy
In Memory of Sister Connie Casey
Ellen Corcoran ’59
In Memory of and In Honor of our Classmates of 1959
Phyllis D’Antonio ’59
In Memory of Rose D’Antonio
The Diaz-Parker Family
In Memory of Violeta S. Diaz, Eduardo S. Santos,
Sister Joseph O’Hagan,
Ms. Pam Clancy, and Mrs. Rosemary Edwards
Ruth E. Dyer ’73
In Memory of Patricia Candido ’73 and Patricia Moffitt
In Honor of Sr. Rose Christina Momm, Sr. Karyl Frederick, Sr. Barbara Pavlik, Sr. Janet Walton, Sr. Margaret O’Brien, Betsy Riley Normile, Kristen Smith, Maureen Fox Royal, Mary Anne Vigliante, Susan Forrest , Judy Norrish ’71, and Carol Clas ’73 ~ remembering those who helped to light the way for me!
Samantha Eckert ’21
In Memory of Raymond and Helen Milnarik
The Ells Family
In Memory of Margaret Paute and J. Dennis Cafari
Valerie Farley ’21
Julie Platt ’93 Farlow
In Memory of Jean Platt and Peter Platt
Mrs. Sharon McGivern ‘61 Flood
In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. John Henry Farrell
In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. McGivern, Keith Van Loon Flood,
Robert S. Flood, and Sister Delphine Marie
Lily Fossner ’98
In Memory of Elaine Hmiel Fossner ’70
JoAnn Platania ’53 Gerace
In Memory of Marianne Gerace-Tribley
Deanna Germano
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Herrick,
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Deukmejian, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Prefore
The Goldings
In Memory of Evelyn and Cornelius Golding
Castine Hardesty ’23 and Calista Hardesty ’24
In Memory of our Grandfathers
In Honor of our Grandmothers
Lauren and David Hayes
In Memory of Edward Kearney, Maureen Hayes,
and Katharine Hayes
Kathleen Kearney
In Memory of my husband, Edward J. Kearney;
my mother, Maryann Banahan; and, my aunt, Eugenia Banahan  
Kirsten Keefe ’85
In Memory of Sister Connie Casey
Pamela Klarsfeld ’66
In Memory of my deceased classmates of AHN Class of 1966
Roxeanne and Scott Lansing
In Honor of Mackenna E. Lansing ’20
Theresa Leonard
In Memory of James Leonard, Angelo Femia,
Josephine Femia, and Joseph Femia
Ellen Loughney
In Memory of Mary Teresa and John Gavigan,
Madeline and Jim Loughney, Michael Loughney,
Carol Mitchell, Judy Wesley,
Julie “Coachie” Foley, and Sister Connie Casey
Jeanne Boylan ’58 Lucas
In Memory of Carolyn Suarez Isenberg
Kelly Lynch
In Memory of Frank J. Rispoli

Shea Maney ’11
In Memory of Eileen Porter
Fallon Witte ‘10 Marini
In Memory of Mrs. Judith Wesley
Paul and Lori McCoy  
In Memory of Jean H. Ladouceur
Dr. Phyllis Morrison
In Memory of my husband, Leo; my son, Michael;
my parents, Evelyn and George Crotty;
my in-laws, Leona and Daniel Morrison;
and, my brothers, Michael and Kevin Crotty
Richard Mucci
In Honor of St. Jude

Maureen Rowan '77 Murphy 
In Memory of Maureen George Kelly 
Rick Murphy
In Memory of Carol Johnson ’53 Murphy
Mary Beth O’Brien
In Memory of Sr. Constance Casey, Philip T. Casey,
Frank E. O’Brien, Jr., Frank E. O’Brien III,
and Michael Casey and Family
Ellen Welch ‘54 O’Bryan
In Memory of Constance Coniglio Azzi
Maryclaire Osegueda ’86
In Honor of Maryclaire Osegueda
Genna Beeler ’07 Ostrowski
In Memory of Sarah Beeler
Erin O’Sullivan ’12
In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. William Van Buskirk
Cindy Pettit ’78
In Honor of Cindy Pettit ’78, Taylor McGrath ’08, and Olivia McGrath
In Memory of Lois Haselsteiner and Maureen Kelly ’78
Judith Devane Pinto ’61
In Memory of Meg Britt ’59 and Maureen Fitzgibbon Rose ’61
Nora Loughney ’05 Ritinski
In Memory of Mary Teresa and John Gavigan,
Madeline and Jim Loughney, Michael Loughney,
and Carol Mitchell
In Honor of Ellen Loughney
Keith Rodriques
In Memory of Mrs. Phyllis Rodriques and
Fr. Lloyd Rodriques, SDB
Ms. R. Virginia Rogers
In Memory of Sr. Carol Ryan, SNJM; Sr. Francis Cleary, SNJM;
and, my parents, Leo and Carol Rogers
Mary “Kay” McGrath ’55 Rogler
In Memory of James and Dorothy McGrath
Mary Patricia Yanas ’79 Rowlands
In Memory of Mary Faith Casey ‘48 Yanas
Janice A. Sacco
In Memory of my parents, John and Rose Sacco
Mr. & Mrs. Bernd Schatz
In Memory of The Schatz Family and The Currier Family
Laurel Schlegel
Karen Articola ’65 Shepherd
In Memory of Heather Megan Shepherd
Kathleen Cummings ’67 Slezak
In Memory of Mary Cummings
Barbara ’70, Chester and Valerie Sowinski
In Memory of Debbie Littlejohn, Helen Sowinski,
Tony and Nellie Sowinski,
Sophie, Florence, John, Walter, Helen Kalandyk,
Viola and Chester Sowinski, Louis and Elsie Sowinski,
and Sophie and George Hanley
Kristen Smith Staikos
In Memory of Arthur Smith and Kevin Smith
Nicole Criscione Szesnat
In Memory of Nick, Matt, Anita Criscione,
Edward III, and Ethel Szesnat
Elike Takyi
In Memory of Ida Takyi
Susan K. Tobin
In Memory of Julia and Tom Tobin, and Drake Jackstadt
In Honor of Quincy, Violet, Mac, Poppy, and Lane

Mary Ellen Connors '66 Trumbull 
In Memory of Frances Hooley Connors, Helen Connors '65, and 
the deceased members of the Class of 1966 
In Honor of the Class of 1966 
Mary Beth Jarvet ’64 Waugh
In Memory of Melissa J. Waugh
Rod Wilson
In Memory of Harry G. Wilson, Sr.
Catherine With ’81
In Memory of Sister Constance Casey, Margaret Hoffman Riley,
Nora Gilleran Telfer, Victoria Anne With,
Mary Margaret Hession Gilleran, 
Anna Mary Gilleran With, Sister Mary Brendan Gilleran, CSJ,
Honor Hession, and Catherine Hession Hagen
In Honor of Mary Anne Vigliante, Meg With Chevalier, Lydia Chevalier, Sister Karen Shults, CSJ, Sister Mary Frederick Coyne, SNJM, Marguerite Ann With, Joanne With, Sharon Armistead,
Bernadette Hession Vermette,
Terry Gallagher, and Barbara Fischer