Light is said to signify the hope and good in the world. Help us illuminate our Bell Tower this holiday season by giving back to Holy Names. Each light upon the Bell Tower will signify a $10 gift made in memory of and/or in honor of a special family member or friend.

Each light you sponsor helps build our Annual Fund, the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts. Through the power of collective giving, your gift helps light the way! The names of those you wish to remember and/or honor will be listed on our website during the holiday season.

Your participation will help make the
holiday season brighter for everyone!
The following family and friends are being remembered and honored with a light upon the Academy of the Holy Names Bell Tower, making the holiday season brighter. 

Barbara Lynch ‘67 Bancroft 
In Honor of  
Sister Barbara Mary KoonzSNJM and Family 
In Memory of 
The Lynch Family 
The Bennett Family 
In Memory of 
Mary Lou Bennett 
Florence and Vincent Galligan 
Paula and Arthur Bennett 
William and Rose Bennett 
Edward and Angelina Adamski 
Alicia Marini ‘02 Bloom 
In Memory of 
My grandparents, Celia & John Musto 
My grandparents, Cristina & Corrado Marini 
Drs. Perry and Julie Ann Bonanni 
In Memory of 
Renato and Antonietta Bonanni 

Veronica Breslin
In Memory of
Veronica and John Van Aken
Patrick Breslin
Alexia Frangella ‘83 Briwa 
In Memory and Honor of  
Theresa “Dolores” Frangella 
Susan Despart ‘89 Brown 
In Memory o 
Thomas Patrick Brown  
Nora Patricia Brown 
Melissa Bruno
Anita Bunzey 
In Memory of  
Linda Bunzey 
Arlene Lendrum  
Harold Lendrum  
Donald Jordan 
Edna Bunzey 
Jill Campoli ‘98
In Memory of 
Sister Connie 
Olivia Caporale ‘22 
In Memory of 
Cynthia Caporale 
Colleen Carey ‘24 
In Memory of 
Governor Hugh and Helen Carey 
Joseph and Jeanette Coniglio 
Vera Cassaro 
In Honor of 
Silvana Cassaro (Nonna) 
In Memory of 
Anthony and John Cassaro 
Mary Ellen Scally ‘61 Conboy 
In Honor of 
John Scally 
In Memory of 
Sister Connie 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scally 
Katrina Consiglio  
In Memory of 
Helen Lawless Griffin 

Ellen O'Connell Corcoran '59
In Memory of
Classmates of '59
Heidi Cummins 
In Memory o 
Thomas and Gloria Hable  
Derek Cummins 
Christopher and Christine Edwards 
In Memory of 
Rosemary Edwards 
Dawn Essex
In Memory of 
Elizabeth Essex 
David Essex 

Jackie Rosetti Falvey
In Memory of
George and Stasia Cloutier
Valerie Farley 
 In Honor of
The 2020 Pandemic Caregivers

Julie Platt ‘93 Farlow 
In Memory of 
Peter and Jean Platt 
Jo Platania ‘53 Gerace 
In Memory of 
Marianne Gerace Tribley 
Mary Ida Gable ‘66 Gundrum Scher 
In Memory of 
Robert A. Gundrum 
Stephanie Jubic ‘78 
In Memory of 
Margaret Jubic 
Concetta Jubic 
Edward Jubic 
Kathleen Kearney
In Memory of
Eugenia Banahan
Maryanne Banahan
Edward J. Kearney

Shannon Lenet
In M
emory of
Brieda Spicer '66,
Laura Carbon Endres '66
Mary Smith Trono '66

Theresa Leonard
In Memory of
James Leonard
Joseph Femia
 Josephine Femia
Angelo Femia

Ellen Loughney 
In Memory of 
Mary Teresa and John Gavigan 
Madeline and Jim Loughney 
Michael Loughney 
Carol Mitchell 
Nick Tirino 
Julie Foley 
Judy Wesley 

Shea Maney
In Honor of
Molly Maney

Fallon Marini 
In Memory of

Judy Wesley
Julie Foley (Coachie)
Lori McCoy 
In Memory of 
Jean H. Ladouceur 
James Joseph McCoy 
Kathleen McGinnis-Lamb ‘66 
In Memory of 
Breida Spicer 
Lissa Smith ‘77 McNaughton 
In Memory of 
Carol Turner Mitchell 
Maureen Rowan ‘77 Murphy 
In Memory of 
Maureen George Kelly ‘78 

The Noll Family
In Memory of
Beverly Noll
William McLoughlin

Ellen Welch O’Bryan ‘54
In Memory of
Constance Coniglio Azzi ‘54

Lauren O’Neill ‘73 
In Memory of 
Lynne O’Neill ‘60 

Cindy Pettit
In Honor of 
Taylor Pettit '08 McGrath
In Memory of
Tom and Lois Haselsteiner

Judith Devane Pinto
 In Memory of
Deceased Class Mates '61
Meg britt '59
Ralph Pinto 
Ruth and Franics Devane

John Riley 
In Memory of 
Margaret Riley 
Nora Loughney ‘05 Ritinski
In Memory of 
Mary Teresa and John Gavigan 
Madeline and Jim Loughney 
Michael Loughney 
Carol Mitchell 
In Honor of 
Ellen and Bob Loughney 
Keith Rodrigues 
In Memory of 
Nobby Rodrigues and our dear departed 
R.Virginia Rogers‘61 
In Memory of 
Leo and Carol Rogers 
Sr. Francis Cleary, SNJM 
Sr. Carol Ryan, SNJM 

Kay Rogler
In Memory of
 James E. and Dorthy B. McGrath, Parents of Kay McGrath Rogler '55 Grand Parents of Susan Rogler Gomez '81 and Sharon Rogler Tromp '87 Great Grandparents of Maggie Tromp, AHN 2023
Mary Patricia Rowlands
In Memory of
Mary Rowlands
In Honor of
Mary Faith Casey '48 Yanas

Sarah Samyn
In Honor of 
Emily Samyn 

Nancy Scofield

Erin Shea
In Memory of
Mary Reddy
Anne Shea
Elvey Marinello
Bill Gabrielson
Hope Gabrielson
Alicia Saviola
John Bianco
Karin Articola ’65 Shepherd 
In Memory of 
Heather Megan Shepherd ‘99 
George M. Preston 
Kathleen Cummings ‘67 Slezak 
In Memory of 
Mary Cummings 
Patty Devane ‘76 Smith 
In Memory of 
Thomas A. Devane Jr. 
Jess Mulson ‘01 Snow 
In Memory of 
Constance Horton 
Kathleen Rubach 
Barbara, Valerie and Chester Sowinski
In Memory of
Viola, Chester and Helen Sowinski
John and Helen Kalandyk
 Elsie, and Louis Sowinski
Little John
Kristen Smith ‘91 Staikos 
In Memory of 
Arthur Smith 
Kevin M. Smith 
Margaret J. Smith 
Paul Gach 
Nettie Gach 
Marianne Taffe ‘58 Stapf 
In Memory of 
Janice Murphy Farrell 
Nicole Szesnat 
In Memory of 
Nick Criscione 
Matt Criscione 
Anita Criscione 
Ethel Szesnat 
Ed Szesnat, III 
Elike Tayki 
In Memory of 
Christian Biaku 
Jane Cottrell 
Ida Takyi 
Susan Tobin 
In Honor of 
In Memory of 
Julia and Tom Tobin  
Drake Jackstadt 
Mary Ellen Conners ‘66 Trumbull 
In Memory of 
Frances Hooley Connors ‘34 
Helen Connors '65 
Gail Quackenbush Harris '66 
Deceased members of the Class of 1966 
Marcie Warrell ‘87 VanEpps 
In Honor of 
Maribeth Wallingford '87 
Betsy Clark O'Haire '87 
Sue Stewart Durkin '87 
In Memory of 
Dr. Arthur Wallingford 
Mr. James Clark 
Mr. Frank Stewart 
Wilma Reynolds ‘60 Willson 
In Memory of 
Maria Gerard Reynolds 

*This list was updated on December 22, 2020