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2019 Sponsors
2019 HonoraryCommittee
Gold Members
 John and Mary Ann Devane '74 Allen   
       Ulderic and Rachel Boisvert 
Kimberly Bonneau '75 
Jeri Cayan '50 
Rhea Picotte '58 Clark 
Richard and Noreen Coughlin
Mary Conway-Hanchar '84
Richard and Noreen Coughlin 
Dan Cunningham
Anthony Dawson and Kimberly Mayer   
Delaware Plaza, LLC 
Bob and Peggy Fleming '86 Fritz
Michael M. Hayes 
Kristen B. Healy '95
Mary Donna Nealon '62 Hoffman 
Edward & Karen Healy '65 Hogan    
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kavanaugh      
      James and Regina Scarano '70 LaGatta  
Michael and Alicia Dugan '89 Lasch          
Robert and Shirley Lazar       
Louise M. Lounsbery 
Richard Mercado and Erin Shea '95
Michael and Donna Anthony '66 Mooney
John and Kelly Healey ’77 Murray
Dan and Sally Nolan  
Mary Beth O'Brien  
Anne and Jim O'Toole    
John and Diane Riley
Karl and Kim Seitz 
Daniel and Lynn Lounsbery '84 Slote 
        Mary Anne Vigliante
         Tim and Kristin Vivian          
Silver Members
Christopher and Kathleen Baynes
John and Kathy Biscone 
Dr. Pierino and Dr. Julie Bonanni 
Joseph and Christine Caputo-Granich '86
Margaret Carciobolo '82 & Patricia Murphy '82 
James J. Carr
Judi Myers’58 Cavanaugh
Christian Brothers Academy 
Mary Ellen Scally '61 Conboy 
Grace and John Conway
Mary Rita Siciliano ’58 Cratty   
Joseph and Catherine Joyner '74 Culver 
Anton Dreslin       
Jay and Theresa Girvin
Catherine Hedgeman '92 
Bishop Emeritus Howard J. Hubbard 
Dan and Mandy Maney '76 Kennedy
Paul and Eileen Larrabee  
Richard and Kathy Lavigne 
Chris and Carleen Madden
Shea Maney '11    
Jean Purcell ’41 Mastriani   
Felton McLaughlin & Anna Taaffe   
Tom and Lissa Smith '77 McNaughton         
Angel B. Millora
Maureen Rowan '77 Murphy 
Carol Huber & Victor Nerses
John J. Nigro 
      Cindy Pettit '78          
William and Joan Leach '48 Redmond    
Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger        
Dave and Cathy Semenoff     
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shea
David Sowinski and Michelle Mahon '99 
Anne and Fred Stutzman 
Al and Nicole Szesnat 
Susan vonDaum Tholl, PhD '63 
Honorable Paul D. Tonko 
Robert and Liza Zandri '75 Tougher
Alex and Gina Tronco
Sue and Bob Ungerer
Barry and Margaret O'Connell '73 Willard 
Dr. Andrew and Mary Gay Norris '63 Wood