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College Counseling

 I wanted to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. My college counselor worked hard to help me achieve my goal, even working on my behalf during her vacation! The care, attention, and effort of the college counselors here is amazing- they do everything they can to help each student get into the school she really wants to attend.

- Jessica LaPlante, AHN '19 (U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 2023)

The Class of 2020 is 100! 100! 96!

  • Class of 2020 College Acceptances
    We are proud to announce that the Class of 2020 scored 96%! We graduated 38 amazing young women, 96% of whom earned at least one merit-based scholarship!

    The Class of 2020 earned over $3.1 million in scholarships for one year, $12.4 million over 4 years!

    • 100% of the class graduated on time
    • 100% of the class matriculate to 4-year colleges or universities including Harvard, Colgate, and RPI. 
    • Click the link to see the complete list of college acceptances. 
We work with both students and parents, individually and in groups, to find the higher education option that makes the best fit. Each of our girls is encouraged to find a college or university that will challenge her to reach her full potential, and be a place where she will be successful academically and personally. 
- Helen Spiro, Director of College Counseling

A Comprehensive Approach

The search for the best higher education option begins in a student’s freshman year. Under the guidance of our Office of College Counseling, each student begins to examine her interests and explore possible career opportunities.
Next, during the sophomore year, regularly-scheduled guidance classes help students navigate the various stages of the college search process. These interactive classes provide students the opportunity to:

  • Assess their strengths and abilities, matching them to possible career choices
  • Access information about colleges, as well as data relevant to to particular careers
  • Consider standardized testing strategies and preparation
  • Discuss college essay topics and sample application questions
  • Work on college applications
  • Learn college interview strategies
  • Examine skills to prepare for the transition to college

In the junior year, the Director of College Counseling meets with each student individually to discuss college information. Parents are also invited in to have their questions answered about the college search and application process.

When It's Time to Apply

When our students are ready to begin the college application process,  we’re ready to help students in so many different ways:
  • Guiding students in narrowing their search
  • Bringing to campus a full schedule of college representatives
  • Assisting students in completing applications and essays
  • Preparing students to demonstrate strong interviewing skills and strategies
  • Publicizing scholarship opportunities and assisting with scholarship applications

In addition to college acceptances, our seniors are annually awarded millions of dollars in college scholarships and awards.

            In 2019, 100% of the class received scholarships; 3.3 million dollars for the first year and 13.3                                                                     million dollars over four years!

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  • Photo of Helen Spiro

    Helen Spiro 

    Dean of College Counseling and Career Planning
    518.438.7895 x477
  • Photo of Annemarie McGarry

    Annemarie McGarry 

    Director of Student Activities, Assistant Director of College Counseling

Facilitating the Search with Technology

Students use Naviance, a web-based software, to facilitate and enhance their college-search journey. With the help of our College Counselors, students learn to use research, matching tools, course planning, career assessments, and surveys, to help them connect their passions and interests to the best possible college fit. 

This technology also provides additional functionality to our
 college counselors for communicating and collaborating with families, keeping them well informed throughout the college journey.