Dress Code

New school and gym uniforms are ordered through Student Styles, 15 Cobbee Road, Latham. Order online or visit the store. 

Students may avail themselves of the uniform exchange; interested students may see the school secretaries for details.
1. Uniforms are worn from the first full day of classes until the final day of examinations. The winter uniform will be worn from November 1 to March 31. The summer uniform will be worn on all other school days.
2. Students are in uniform from the time they enter school grounds until the time they leave school grounds unless they must change for an after-school sport or activity that would result in the soiling of clothes. Students are expected to be in uniform for morning homeroom as well as other times of the school day.
3. If a student is missing any part of the uniform for one reason, the complete uniform for the other season is to be worn, and the student must have a note from home explaining the reason for the situation. If a note is not provided, parents may be called to bring the missing uniform item to school.
4. A student who must wear alternative footwear due to injury must present to the Division Head or her delegate a medical excuse that clearly indicates the length of time the alternative footwear will be required. It is expected that the alternative footwear during this time period will be approved athletic footwear.
5. Non-uniform days occur throughout the year for a variety of reasons. The dress on such days varies accordingly.
Classification A -Dressy attire, including skirt/dress pants and blouse/sweater or dress.
Classification B -Casual attire, including jeans, skirts, tee shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and leggings.
Students will receive notification of appropriate dress for non-uniform days in advance.

Students who are “out of uniform” will be assigned a quiet lunch detention with an assignment from the Division Head. Students who have more than two uniform violations in one semester will serve an after school detention under the supervision of the Division Head.
“Out of uniform” means that the student is:
  • Missing part of her uniform.
  • Wearing an item that is not part of the uniform.
  • Changing into or out of her uniform on school grounds without permission.
  • Wearing unusual or excessive adornments, including visible tattoos, body piercings (including but not limited to the face, lips, nose, eyebrows), or
  • hair tints including but not limited to pink, blue, green.
  • Wearing an item that has been defaced for example, shoes that are broken.
  • down or holes in the school sweater.
  • Wearing a uniform item improperly, for example, a skirt more than two-three inches above the knee.
Notes on the term “out of uniform”
1. “Missing part of her uniform” means arriving without a necessary uniform piece, for example socks, polo shirt, turtleneck.
2. "Wearing an item of clothing that is not part of the uniform" means wearing additional non-uniform clothing, such as tee shirts under the uniform shirt or sweatshirts over the uniform shirt, or substituting non-uniform clothing for the uniform, for example, running shoes for the school shoe.
3. “Wearing unusual or excessive adornments” refers to items such as body piercing, tattoos, excessive jewelry, inappropriate hairstyles and hair colors (such as: blue, green, pink, purple), writing on the body.
4. “Wearing a uniform item that has been defaced” refers to wearing uniform items that have been, for example, written on, torn, ripped, painted on.
5. “Wearing a uniform item improperly” means wearing uniform items in unusual ways, for example, sweaters worn inside out, socks worn halfway inside of shoes, shoes with the backs bent down.

AHN SWEATPANTS are available at Student Styles, our uniform provider, and may be worn on Pep Rally Days.