Student Parking

Student drivers at Holy Names are expected to observe all standard motor vehicle and traffic rules and regulations. Each student who drives to school and uses the school’s parking lot is required to register her vehicle(s) with the school and to have a permit issued by the school. Student drivers are asked to observe the following guidelines and safety procedures:
At the beginning of each school year, seniors are assigned parking spaces. Dangerous and/or careless actions with a motor vehicle will not be tolerated. These actions include, but are not limited to the following: transporting students on the hood of a car, excessive or inappropriate speed, passing school buses, allowing non-licensed drivers to operate your vehicle, allowing unauthorized individuals or other students to drive your car, discourteous actions toward other drivers. Going to cars during school hours is prohibited (except for seniors who are leaving or entering the lot). Seniors may not give “permission” to other students to park on campus and use their parking spaces. Any student who willfully violates these guidelines will have her driving privileges taken away. Parents will be notified if a student loses the privilege of driving her car to school. Driving to school is a privilege accorded to seniors. Since the parking lot is considered to be “on campus,” all rules and regulations governing activity inside the school apply as well to activity in cars or in the parking lot.