College Counseling Like No Other

College Counseling is a hallmark program at Holy Names. It is a comprehensive, curriculum-driven program that commences in grade 9  with special guidance classes and one-on-one counseling and culminates in senior year with hands-on assistance with college applications and scholarships. 
According to Dean of College Counseling and Career Planning, Helen Spiro, College Counseling has two main goals. “Our main goal is to teach each student how to shine through in the college application process. We help each girl articulate her strengths and make sure that her application and resume include everything that makes her special. We want our students to stand out in the crowd, no matter which colleges they apply to, explained Mr. Spiro.

“Our other focus is the overall guidance and support of both the parents and students through the entire college application process, start to finish. We work with families individually and in groups to make sure that each student explores all her options so that she has the best chance possible to realize her full potential and her dreams.”

Here what one student has to say about College Counseling at Holy Names.