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I love uniforms! When I first visited Holy Names, I thought no way, I'm not wearing that! But now I see that I have so much less stress in my life because I don't have to make a choice every morning, I have more time, and no one at school judges me by my clothes. Uniforms let you see past a girl's clothes, you see her personality and her inner beauty.

- Adele, Grade 10
Students at Holy Names are required to wear a full and complete uniform every day. But don't worry about that - uniforms are going to make your life easier! Over the years, we have found that both students and parents appreciate the simplicity that uniforms bring to their busy lives, among other benefits. 

Top Five Reasons Students Love Uniforms

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  • Reason 5

    Wearing a uniform is cost effective. You can plan ahead and avoid purchasing trendy or fad-related outfits. 
  • Reason 4

    Wearing a uniform reduces competition and allows a student’s personality and capabilities to shine, rather than her clothing or accessories.
  • Reason 3

    Wearing a uniform lets students concentrate on their studies rather than their clothes.
  • Reason 2

    Wearing a uniform promotes unity, pride and community spirit.
  • Reason 1

    Wearing a uniform saves time in the morning! 

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